One of the best secrets of the island of Santorini

This jewel is the best kept secret of the island of Santorini. Almost always It is usual to visit this island as part of the excursion to the volcano, which usually takes you to the volcanic island of Nea Kameni and the hot springs of Palea Kameni and stops briefly in Thirassia before ending up in Oia to be able to see the sunset.

The island of Thirasia has only 9 square kilometers in size and living in it only one hundred and fifty inhabitants. The town of Manolas is the capital of Thirassia. Other smaller settlements are Korfos, Riva and Potamos. Manolas is formed by small and picturesque houses painted in various colors. Main attractions of this island are the unspoiled beaches and nature Virgin.

Data to consider about the island of Thirassia

It is not possible to go to Thirassia except on a tour.
There is no regular service (as such) of ship havia Thirassia.
Two hours of stay on the island is not enough.

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How can we get to the island of Thirassia?

There is a sailboat in Ammoudi (the port below Oia) which leaves at noon and returns to the 5 pm (Note: check these schedules in Ammoudi). I know direct the town of Riva , which usually is not even marked on the maps. Here you can take a bus to the main village of Manolas, or (if you are very animated) you can start walking and experience the island as it was before the tourist boom.

Incidentally, Riva is the location of the church of Santa Irene which is believed to be the name of Santorini. From Manolas, you can walk to the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin. Apart from this monastery, there are another twenty churches in Thirasia. Every year, the 21 of September, there is a party in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Location of the island of Thirassia