The white beach, unique for its colorful

It is located 14 kilometers away from Fira and next to the red beach It is one of the main tourist attractions. its name derives from the stones that cover it.

Actually the white beach is covered by black, gray and white sand with large pebbles, but this surrounded by gigantic white rocks that increase the feeling of isolation.

How can you get to Playa Blanca?

Reaching it is possible only by boat (in the small caiques) from Akrotiri or the red beach. There, you will find some umbrellas and deck chairs, as well as a small canteen.

An important detail to keep in mind if you go in caique to the white beach is that boats do not arrive until the same shore of the beach and that you're going to have to get wet to reach the shore.

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Our recommendation is that It's worth visiting the beach and taking some pictures only because of the spectacular image (the white stones in the background give it a very characteristic color) but if the idea is to spend a morning at the beach it is not worth it, there are much better beaches and much more prepared.

Of course, do not think that in the summer months (July & August) you are going to find the beach empty, they are many people who usually come in caique to visit the white beach.