The city of ancient Thera

It is one of the most visited places in Santorini. It is located in a fortified place, at 396m above sea level. The Dorians created a closed society that was influenced only by its closest neighbors and only by its strategic position.

The site was excavated by a German expedition in the 1860 decade, and You can see remains of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine culture. The ruins are limited, but you can see evidence of the temples, houses with mosaic floors, an agora, a gym and a theater with spectacular views and it piques on the sea. Many of the ruins date back to the Ptolemies, who built temples to the gods of Egypt in the third and fourth centuries before Christ.

Ancient Thera, Santorini
Ancient Thera, Santorini

In west end of the site is a sanctuary of the third century BC which has reliefs that symbolize the gods, an eagle (Zeus), a lion (Apollo), a dolphin (Poseidon), and a phallus (Dionysus). To the east is the Terrace of celebrations. Graffiti is a problem even in the XNUMXth century BC, and if you look, you can find the message in favor of the participants in the festivals.

Ancient Thera, Santorini
Road to Ancient Thera, Santorini

How to get to Antigua Thera

If you decide to walk, there is a path on foot from Perissa, and the walk is about thirty minutes. We already warn you that the slope is quite steep, so if it is hot, bring water.

If you see the cost too complicated, you can get on and off the bus, it costs 10 € from Kamari.

And if you want to go in your own vehicle, you can do it by taking the road from Kamari.

Location of the Ancient City of Thera (Ancient Thira)