The beach of Vourvolos

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The beach of Vourvolos is located located at only 7 km. northeast of Fira. This beach of black sand It is ideal for relaxation and Water color is almost turquoise blue. The best thing about the Vourvoulos beach is that it is one of the Lesser known beaches of Santorini and, as such, provides the maximum privacy to anyone who wants to approach it.

Unfortunately, the beach of Vourvoulos has not contracted any maintenance and we can find it full of garbage. Also, on this beach the sea breeze is very strong and makes sunbathing on the beach the most appropriate proposal very careful when bathing. The waves are huge and it is always advisable to be at a safe distance from the coast.

The beach of Vourvoulos is ideal for someone who wants to spend their holidays without being seen or heard. There is no fax, telephone, or e-mails that bother, here there are only tourists and the sea. Take advantage of this holiday deals What is there to come here?

Location of Vourvoulos beach