Eating on the island of Santorini

As you have already imagined more than one, lunch and dinner on the island of Santorini not just something too cheap for the pockets of all tourists.

Almost any menu In most restaurants on the island, they easily visit 15-20 euros, so if you want to pull "visa" during your stay on the island and want to search cheaper options, here we leave you a series of recommendations.

The supermarkets of the island

If the accommodation you have booked during your stay on the island has a small kitchenette and you're willing to spend a little time cooking, supermarkets of the island have good prices.

Although, as a rule, Sunday is a holiday and people do not usually work, since the island of Santorini lives off tourism, even On Sunday they are usually open most of the establishments even many times until the 22: 00.

The gyros

A gyros on the island of Santorini
A gyros on the island of Santorini @https: //

I guess more than [email protected] you will ask: and what is this about the gyros? Well it is a dish that consists of roast in a vertical oven that is served in a pita bread or sandwich.

As an accompaniment, some vegetables and sauces, the most common are tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce.

It meets several conditions that make it the star dish in Santorini: it is very good, satisfies a block and is economical. It is very typical so you can find it along many points on the island of Santorini.

The tomatokeftede

Go name, right? The truth is that when you return from your holiday you will surely have more than learned.

The tomatokeftede are burgers with chopped cherries, onion, fresh oregano and flour, they are super good and, like the gyros, you can find them all over the island in an easy way, they cost around 5 € more or less.

Greek salads

Greek salad with feta cheese (Santorini)
Greek salad with feta cheese (Santorini) @https: // salad-griegue- salad-581848/

It's the dish ideal especially in the summer months that the most heat hits the island for tourists who visit it. Fresh, full and has an economic price if we compare it with other options, they can be around € 4.

Cucumber, tomato and red onion Makes it a very refreshing salad. On the other hand, Feta cheese and black olives give it that characteristic touch of the Greek feta salad. You will see that in certain places you put yogurt but its receta original it only carries these ingredients.

The salad is usually accompanied by a oregano or peppermint dressing. This dressing is usually prepared with oil, lemon juice, salt and either oregano or peppermint.