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You are already several that you have written asking about how to go from Santorini island to other Greek islands, I think that more or less you all have it clear, but, just in case, here is a short summary with the basics that you have to know, then it is in your hands the "put" hours on the network looking for the best schedules and connections that suits you.

Move to other destinations from Santorini through the plane

Little can be contributed at this point, the most usual trips (unless we know about ourselves and if it is not, we welcome any comments in the post) is done by Aegean Airlines, the local airline.

They cover main destinations in Greece, from Athens to the main Greek islands: Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Crete... Precisely this is the advantage and the problem at the same time. As there are really few islands that have a plentiful tourism, airplanes only travel to those where it can be worth a large flow of tourists.

Our recommendation is that useis a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

Once in Santorini airport, for move to your destination you have two options: take a taxi or take the bus line, if you want to know bus schedules you have them in

To travel to the rest of the islands (which is more or less the vast majority) the people what they use are the ferries, which in fact is the most common and most used transport, almost as much as taking a subway in one of our cities.

Move to other islands from Santorini through the ferry

The first thing you need to know is that for Greece there are two very strong lines of ferries, which are Hellenic Seaways & Blue Star. With both lines you have almost covered the 80% of the trips, so it's easy to organize a trip.

Another important detail is that you have to know that these two lines have fast and normal ferries, but of course, now you will be wondering what the difference is. Very easy, with the fast, the journey Athens - Santorini you do it in 4,5 hours and with the normal one are 8 hours. The price is almost double, of course, but ... and the time you save? That each one values ​​what interests him the most, but knowing it at least to better plan the journeys.

Many people have doubts about this how to look for tickets, see the routes, how to make reservations, etc ... We advise you to use a ferry ticket comparator like the one we leave you below, you can search from here if you want the route you need the most.

It offers you the price of ferry tickets on all possible ferry lines: Blue Star, Hellenic Seaways, Sea Jets, Aegean Speed ​​Lines, Fast Ferries, etc ... So then you only have to buy the one that comes at a better price.

A very important detail to know

There is not much left to tell you, just a very important detail:


That is, as it the summer increases the number of trips available and as winter approaches, the routes are reduced to a minimum. It's logical, right? It is a mere question of tourism. That is why there is no choice but to look at the journeys, especially if you do not find the one you need, since one day it may not be available but one month you may have it to reserve.

How to move from Santorini to the rest of Greek islands?
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