The white wine brand from the island of Santorini: Assyrtiko

Assyrtiko It happens to be the white wine for which the island has become known, we could say that it is the purest essence of the island of Santorini in a bottle.

You just have to take a small sip of this wine and in return you will get a refreshing hit of citrus with aromas that come from the smell of the sea and the cliffs that surround the water.

You will feel transported to the paradisiacal island of Santorini With each bottle you open, and thanks to the fact that these wines are still at a good price in the market, you will find the best around twenty dollars, much cheaper than a plane ticket!

A bit of Santorini's wine history

Wine Assyrtiko Santorini
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Perhaps the Assyrtiko Santorini seems to many of you something totally new but you have to bear in mind that the origin of the wine culture on the island of Santorini comes from ancient times. During the rule of the Venetians between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, Santorini produced even some of the most valuable wines in all of Europe. And then, as with all things, the Assyrtiko stopped being fashionable and the Santorini wine disappeared from the map for a couple of hundred years, while its neighbors in Italy, France and Spain increased their credit for wine.

It is throughout the 20th century that Greek wines began to be introduced in the American market due to the large quantity of immigration that arrived in the united states and that opened a good number of restaurants throughout the country. Unfortunately, the taste of these wines was relatively similar to one that was already known in the country, the retsina, a traditional wine flavored with pine resin that for some was delicious but for the most part was unpleasant. This similarity caused Greek wines to be labeled as bad. While, the Santorini wineries continued to grow and produce a great wine (the Assyrtiko) thanks to its grapes grown in volcanic soil.

How do the vines grow and evolve in volcanic soil?

One of the most amazing things to see when visiting a winery in Santorini is the way the vines grow. Unlike most vineyards around the world, where vines grow in rows, in Santorini, the vines grow in tight bunches, close to the ground along the rocks, as if seeking refuge from the strong gusts of marine air. It is this marine air, together with the soil rich in volcanic ash, that imparts the refreshing acidity for which wine has become so famous. Many believe that it is this volcanic ash that allows the grapes grown in Santorini to retain their acidity, even when fully ripe.

List of the best wineries in Santorini

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Estate Argryos

The family that owns Estate Argryos He has been producing wine on the island of Santorini for more than a century. You can not visit the vineyard without making a stop (mandatory) in the small room tasting of the winery, which is where Matthew (the family's 4th generation winemaker) also mixes the wines. Although nowadays Estate Agryos wines can be found almost anywhere in the world, enjoying a wine tasting in this winery will leave you feeling that each wine is treated as if it were produced exclusively for the inhabitants of the island.

Saint Wines

La largest winery on the island, Santo Wines is a cooperative winery that is formed by 2.500 producers that deliver their grape harvests, no matter if they are large or small, to the winery each fall and then they become the many wines they create. The winery is located very close to the port which means that it is easy to find a lots of tourist buses due to the number of cruise ships that pass through the island, so the recommendation is to go through the winery or at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day to avoid unnecessary queues. He go at the last minute It has the advantage that you will enjoy the sunset thanks to the good location of the winery on the island.

Domaine Sigalas

With so only twenty years old, Domaine Segalas is one of the youngest wineries on the island, but even so, they are already gaining international acclaim. Of all the wines they produce, probably the most famous is the Assyrtiko fermented in oak barrel, which means that just to prove it, it is worth going to the location of this winery.


You can not beat a winery that is built directly on the beach, which is exactly where you are going to find Gaia's winery. Like the previous one, it is also a fairly young winery for an island that has a history so rich in wine production, but have managed to consolidate its name not only as one of the main producers of the island, but also as one of its most experienced due to the "wild" fermentation of his Assyrtiko. The "wild" thing is because instead of adding yeast to the grape juice to start the fermentation process, they allow the yeast that occurs naturally in the environment to enter the mixture and ferment the wine, making each Wine batch is something different.

Art Space

Vinsanto Santorini wine
Wine Vinsanto Santorini @https: //

Art Space, apart from serving as a winery, also functions as a wine museum on the island of Santorini and is the ideal place to learn how wine has been produced on the island for decades. In addition to producing the Assyrtiko, Art Space also manufactures Vinsanto, a sweet wine more oriented to the dessert that originates when drying the freshly picked grapes, obtaining a very sweet elixir, perfect to accompany the dessert of a meal.