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When is the best time to travel to the island of Santorini?

Part of the fault that Santorini ispopular withtourists is for its idyllic weather. It rarely rains and even in summer, temperatures are not as high as in other parts of the Mediterranean.

During the spring and summer thesky is almost always cloud-freeand it shines with an intense blue, while the climate is more dynamic during the months of autumn and winter.

The IslandSantorini enjoys the typical moderate Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny and dry summers, and mild and brief winters. During the summer months the average temperatures reach 34 ° in July, while in winter they do not fall below the 9 ° in January.

Studentsmonths with rainfallthey are January and February, while in months like October and March the climate remains relatively hot.

Spring and Autumn, the ideal months

The best time totraveling to Santorini is between April and June and from September to the beginning of November. In the summer months(July and August especially) is very hot, while spring is the best time, high temperatures are avoided, visitor attendance is lower and accommodation is cheaper. HeWinter is usually not very rainy and autumn is unstable.

La Spring is the best timeto enjoy the sea, more warm, peaceful and cozy. The best sunsets and lack of haze that allows the days to be bright and transparent. The colors of the Mediterranean, the light seems unreal. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this time of year is that their days are slightly shorter.

Summer, the month of the agglomeration

El Summer is the mix of the previous 2, but with many visitors and higher prices.

Winter, the least recommended month

Studentswinters, from December to March are rather cold and unpredictable. It is the ideal time for a cultural trip and make an archaeological and scenic route of Greece and perhaps leave the sea for later in the year.

How is the temperature in Santorini?

People Temperatures vary with a daily average of 29ºC in summer and 12ºC during the winter. However, the humidity can be very high, which translates into normally cloudy horizons, blocking the view of the island of Crete.

In spite of this, the constant breezes of the island take away the sticky heat and make thesummer days are quite comfortable, even when temperatures are higher than 30ºC. Winter winds can be quite cool and temperatures can become frigid at night.

The best time to travel to Greece

Spring is always a good option to travel to the Greek capital. This guarantees that the climate is a pleasant and fresh complement to visit the great number of historical places and to retrace their streets in search of the mysteries that seem to enclose, without the suffocating heat of summer being an impediment.

This station has the advantage that every traveler can discover the flora in its greatest splendor and the impressive colors that accompany sunsets and sunrises in Greece. Once there, it is inevitable to seek to know elements such as the Parthenon or the National Archaeological Museum.

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When is the best time to go to the island of Santorini
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