How to know online where our ferry or cruise is

We are going to give you a news that surely more than [email protected] It will surprise you, it turns out that you can know almost immediately where is our ferry or cruise. This information can be viewed online from any web browser or mobile phone.

La information comes from marinetraffic and they update it quite frequently so that it is easy to know the position of where that ferry, boat or cruise is that we are interested in.

We leave you below a map with the positions of the boats in real time that go around the island of Santorini, the same map provides tools to make the zoom larger or smaller in such a way that it allows you to obtain the vision of the sea that you most want. If you pass the mouse over each boat, it gives you additional information, such as its name and where it is going.

And not only can you see this, click on each boat with the mouse, a new window appears with much more detailed information about the ferry or cruise you are viewing, from its main features or even some photos about the ship in question.

We hope you enjoyed the news because we have loved this discovery!

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