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Maps of the island of Santorini, Fira (Thira) and Oia (Ia)

If you are preparing a trip to the island of Santorini on your own Surely you will need several maps on the island. Next you will be able to find several maps that will come to you very well: one general on one's own Santorini island, Another tourist map about Oia (Ia) and two maps of Fira (Thira), one tourist and another bird's eye view.

Do not worry too much about taking the maps from here since in almost all hotels you can give these maps but if someone wants them in advance, you can have them.

What you see here on each map is a small portion, click on each image or on the link enabled in each one of them to be able to open the map in large size and thus be able to download and print it.

Here you can find a complete map of the island of Santorini perfect to print where you will find all the main points of interest as well as the beaches and villages and cities. It also includes the main roads as well as the location of airport and the main ones harbors of the island of Santorini.

See the map of the island of Santorini full size

Travel Fira the first time you visit it can be a little crazy if you do not have a beforehand map that allows you to continue the journey. There are some indications inside the city of Fira but they are insufficient if you do not have anything to guide you, therefore, a map with directions of the streets It will be great for you.

See the map of Fira (Thira) in Santorini full size

Oia is a small town that without a map it is well traveled although as always it is not bad to have one in case we end up in some dead end street. He town is very linear and perhaps the greatest difficulty is finding the way to the port of Amoudi, otherwise, it is difficult to get lost even if we do not carry anything to guide us.

See the map of Oia (Ia) in Santorini full size

If it happens to you that you do not clarify with the tourist map of Fira (Thira) previous, here you have another Fira map (Thira) in 3 dimensions from which you can see Fira from an aerial view. The good thing about this map is that you indicates some of the shops and businesses of the city making it easier to locate.

View the map in 3D of Fira (Thira) in Santorini full size

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