Choose a good suitcase before traveling to Santorini

Santorini is an island full of magic and a tourist attraction worldwide, that is nothing new. But before arriving at this island full of unique landscapes, charming hotels and numerous activities to do, we must take into account some factors before getting on the plane. We refer to the suitcase that will accompany us on this beautiful adventure.

Sometimes, we plan a trip and do not think about the importance of choosing a suitcase. Just like when we are going to make a long trip by car we tend to do a small revision, when we travel by plane we have to review another series of aspects related to our suitcase.

It is something that we have seen that on the web they take themselves very seriously, hence they do recommendations and analysis of travel bags. The measures of hand luggage of the airline with which we travel and check if our suitcase is in good condition is essential before embarking on the trip to Santorini.

The carry-on luggage of airlines traveling to Santorini

La most common hand luggage measure for the cabin luggage is 50 40 x x 20cm, since as a general rule the maximum measurements of the airlines do not usually exceed 55 cm high, 45 cm wide and 25 cm deep, although there are exceptions. Also keep in mind the maximum weight demanded by each airline, which usually roams between 8 -10 kg.

AirlineMeasure SuitcasesMaximum Weight Suitcase
Air Europa55 x 35 x 25 cm, or not exceeding the sum of all the measurements plus 115 cm10 kg
Austrian Airlines55 x 40 x 23 cm8 kg
British Airways56 x 40 x 20 cm23 kg
Condor55 x 40 x 20 cmEconomy: 6 kg; Premium: 10 kg; Businnes: 12 kg
EasyJet56 x 45 x 25 cmNo weight limit
Iberia56 x 45 x 25 cmNo weight limit
Lufthansa55 x 45 x 25 cm8 kg
norwegian55 x 40 x 20 cm10 kg
Vueling55 40 x x 20cm10 kg
Swiss55 x 40 x 23 cm8 kg

In all these companies you can travel with an extra bag (bag, laptop, shoulder bag ...), except for the EasyJet company, unless you have an airline card. The Swiss company also does not allow you to travel with an extra bag.

Factors to consider when choosing a travel suitcase

After taking into account the measurements and maximum weight of the airline with which you travel to Santorini, you have to focus on other factors, such as the capacity, strength and lightness of the suitcase. When we go to buy a travel bag, from ignorance we buy the first one we like, but we must take into account the aspects that can make traveling with it be the glory or hell.


It is an indispensable and very important point that must be taken into account before buying a cabin suitcase. Currently, with low cost travel and the large costs involved in billing a suitcase, we tend to travel with only one cabin bag. Therefore, we have to think that in the dimensions of a cabin suitcase we have to enter as many clothes and accessories as we need for our trip. And even if you buy another suitcase, think that there will always be a trip where you only need a small suitcase and want it to have the maximum capacity.


No doubt this is another key factor, will make our suitcase only a couple of trips or otherwise know much of the world. As you know, there are two main types of suitcases, soft or semi-rigid and rigid or hard. We can not tell you that some are better than others at a general level, since each one has its pros and cons. But yes that at the level of resistance to blows and protection of your belongings the rigid ones are more recommendable. On the other hand, soft or semi-rigid tend to have more capacity.


And last but not least, lightness. As you have seen, each airline that travels to Santorini has a maximum weight set for suitcases, so if your empty suitcase weighs 4 kg, and the airline you are traveling with has a maximum weight of 8 kg, you will only have other 4 kg to put in it. The ideal is a light suitcase, which is not resistant because it is not very robust.

It is essential to take these three factors into account when choosing a suitcase. You have to look for the balance between capacity, resistance and lightness, if you get it you will have a very good suitcase.

The best 5 suitcases to travel to Santorini

We want to make it easy for you and despite having given you some guidelines to choose the perfect suitcase for you, we are going to recommend 5 suitcases that are perfect for traveling to Santorini and where it is presented. Meet all requirements, suitable measures to travel with airlines, and good capacity, strength and lightness. The order in which they appear does not mean that some are better than others, each traveler has some needs.

Lite Shock Spinner by Samsonite

Lite Shock Spinner by Samsonite
Lite Shock Spinner by Samsonite

A top suitcase in every way and highly recommended for all types of travelers, especially those who travel often as it is a high-end suitcase. It is made of a rigid but flexible material ('Curv Material'), which makes it very resistant to shocks and breakage.

The incredible thing about this suitcase is the great lightness it has, it only weighs 1,7 kg. Its weight, added to the four wheels of a very smooth glide make it one of the most comfortable suitcases to handle. It is available in several colors, all of them quite striking and with very good finishes.

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Suitcase of Hauptstadtkoffer

Suitcase of Hauptstadtkoffer
Suitcase of Hauptstadtkoffer

This suitcase is another good option to travel to Santorini, Hawaii or the Philippines, because it is an SUV and a best seller that offers great results.

It is made of 100% polycarbonate, which offers great resistance, but where this difficult-to-pronounce suitcase stands out is in the volume, since it has a 42-liter capacity!

One of the things we love is that it's available in more than 18 colors.

It is the heaviest suitcase on this list of recommendations but it certainly balances it with great capacity.

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San Francisco Upright by American Tourister

Matela San Francisco Upright by American Tourister
Matela San Francisco Upright by American Tourister

In this case, we recommend a semi-rigid suitcase.

The best-selling cabin suitcase of American Tourister, which is Available in various colors and has a classic design with two wheels but offers great performance.

It is made of polyester and has a very good capacity of 38,5 liters and a weight of 2,6 kg.This brand, which belongs to Samsonite, has suitcases of a very high quality and at very good prices. Take a look at the American Toutister's best cabin suitcases.

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Neopulse Spinner by Samsonite

Neopulse Spinner by Samsonite
Neopulse Spinner by Samsonite

Again around here another suitcase of the Samsonite brand, but the result offered by these suitcases is unique, they make the difference. A suitcase with a great balance of all aspects and with a spectacular appearance.

Very good finishes that favor avoiding scratches and four double wheels that make it very manageable. A capacity of 38 liters and a weight of 2,2 kg that is more than optimal for a cabin suitcase. This Available in various colors with very good finishes.

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Gianmarco Venturi

Suitcase Gianmarco Venturi
Suitcase Gianmarco Venturi

A suitcase with a very good quality / price ratio and that offers a great experience to the traveler.

It is robust and resistant with a weight of 2,5 kg and a capacity of 35 liters.

It has 4 wheels that offer very good glide and has TSA lock.

It available in 5 different colors.

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We hope this information has been very useful and that you have clear which suitcase to choose for your trip to Santorini. Still we leave you here another list of recommendations of original suitcases for travelers with style and who like to be fashionable.