The 10 best beaches on the island of Santorini

Santorini is an island that is part of one of the archipelagos of Greece called Cyclades. It is totally different from the other islands found in the Aegean Sea, since it has a geological configuration of unique beauty, formed by the remains of the caldera of an ancient volcano.

Every detail that nature presents in this relief is pure beauty.

The island of Santorini, has a set of beaches, which have an aspect in common: the charm of the volcanic soil, which causes the sand to turn black and the water has an incomparable deep blue. There are also some in which you can see a reddish sand in the style of the Red planet (Mars).

The beach of Perivolos

Perivolos, a beach where a unique paradise in kind reigns, crystalline waters, soft black sand everywhere and is one of the most popular beaches in the region. It has a series of hotels, bars and restaurants for all kinds of people. It has great quality in each of the tourist complexes that are presented to us, adapted to the great diversity of tourism that reigns.

The beach has a great advantage, since while in most regions of the island a strong wind blows, in this the waves turn out not to be very large, because their position is not affected by it. Also, the best time to leave is around four in the afternoon, because that's when the real party atmosphere begins.

There are all kinds of restaurants, which will be tailored from the simplest palates to the most difficult to satisfy. Every traveler will have the opportunity to choose a restaurant that suits them. In some you will find regional food and in other dishes a little more extravagant.

In summary Perivolos is a beach that has great qualities to be visited, as it will involve the traveler in a unique experience.

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The Red beach (red beach)

The red beach is one of the most famous in Santorini, as it attracts tourists due to the large slabs of volcanic rocks it has, with colors ranging from red to very deep black. It is also close to an ancient village called Akrotiri, where we can find the most representative archaeological site of Santorini, where, in ancient times it was a settlement of the Minoans.

The city has managed to preserve itself over time thanks to the volcanic soil that occurs in the area. Within this we can find a series of hotels and taverns, which are built in the traditional way of beach buildings, adapting to the style of ancient times, making the traveler feel out of time.

Red Beach of Santorini near Akrotiri
Red Beach of Santorini near Akrotiri

We will have the opportunity to access the beach, through a path that has an incredible view at each step, where the walk will last around 10 minutes and a parking lot will precede it, so that the tourist can have a space for their car. Another way to get there could be through small boats called calques that depart from the ports of Fira and Akrotiri.

When we reach the beach we will find the beautiful reddish and black dyed sand, which has a series of stones that are a bit uncomfortable to sit on. Luckily, we will find a series of palapas and lounge chairs so that the traveler has the opportunity to lie down and observe the great paradise that is shown before their eyes. Likewise, it is an area where snorkeling is widely practiced, due to the crystal clear waters.

The beach of Kamari

Karamari is a beach that is five kilometers long, being one of the longest in Santorini. In this we can find a variety of tourists from around the world. It has a series of palapas and chaises so that travelers have the opportunity to contemplate every place that this paradise of nature shows us. Also those who are lovers of water sports will have the opportunity to practice the different proposals that are offered.

The beach of Kamari on the Greek island of Santorini
The beach of Kamari on the Greek island of Santorini

Along the whole beach we can find several options to taste a dish, to take a simple coffee, to buy some memories and in the future remember our stay there and even to have a good time with friends.

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The white beach

The White Beach is located at 14 kilometers from the capital of Santorini, Fira. This is one of the biggest attractions on the island due to the different colors with which its sand was dyed, from what is black, gray and even white. It is surrounded by huge whitish rocks that make tourists feel completely alienated from humanity.

In order to have access to this unique beach, you only need to take a boat from the port of the city of Akrotiri. In this you will have the opportunity to take some drinks with friends or companions in the small canteen that is there.

The beach of Almira

Almira is very far from the island, so it is not easy to access it. The only way to get there is through a dirt road that is before a small detour. However, if no sign is found, it is possible that the tourist can be guided through a small Tavern called Captain Marcos. In which they will have to ask how to get there. A peculiarity of this tavern is that all the products that are offered in it, are manufactured by them in a natural way.

The beach of Amoudi

In the city of Oia, one of the most visited by tourists, we will have the opportunity to visit Amoudi, which turns out to be the port of this. It is a fascinating and picturesque landscape for the culture that is presented in this, in addition there are many people who come to visit. The beach can be accessed in different ways, from what is the car, walking around 300 steps or the more traditional way, through the mules that are in Oia.

The beach of Baxedes

Like Amoudi, it is located in the city of Oia and in fact it is the most frequented by tourists who do not like the crowd and also by local families. In spite of not being a beach as organized as the others, in it we can find some taverns that offer regional dishes, as well as some fresh drinks. At the end of the visit to the beach, you can visit a winery called Sigalas, where you can taste the most famous wines of Santorini.

The beach of Exo Gialos

Exo Gialos has an incomparable beauty, with a very quiet environment, where each fragment of sand and water are unified forming a paradise that is impossible to contemplate. This is located 4 kilometers from the village of Karterados a very picturesque town that is distinguished by the architecture it has.

Within Exo Gialos we can find some taverns in which we will find exquisite regional dishes and refreshing drinks. Like some lounge chairs and palapas to observe the wonder of paradise.

The beach of Katharos

Katharos is the most isolated beach in Santorini. It has a natural decoration of engraved rocks that seems to have been created by the best painter. Within this, we can find the famous restaurant Katharos, which is responsible for providing the best service and the best quality edible products, also, is responsible for making several festivals on those nights when the full moon is displayed in all its splendor.

The beach of Kolumbo

Kolumbo beach, is characterized by a beach that initially was only for tourists who liked nudism. However, over time more people began to arrive and generalized. Getting to mix all kinds of tourists.

Kolumbo, does not have any food or drink, so it is recommended that the traveler bring food and water, so you can enjoy the landscape to the fullest.