What to rent in Santorini: car, motorcycle or quad?

Since the island is quite small and easy to navigate, maybe it's best to rent a motorcycle or a quad, especially in high season. If you are going to take a car, the only problem you can find one, is parking. And of course, cars are more expensive to rent. To get an idea, the motorcycles come to cost about 15 € per day, quads, between 20 € and 25 €, and cars over 30 €.

It is very important that ask for prices at several rental agencies (there are a lot of them all over the island, especially in Fira), since can vary a lot the price of each other.

Even going in high season, there are no problems to rent vehicles given the large number of small rental companies.

Have Beware of gas stations, which are not abundant on the island, especially in Oia, that there's not. The closest one is in Fira.

Vehicle rental comparator

The option that most of us who visit the island use is rent a vehicle, be it a car, quad or motorbike. On the island there is a lot of rent to rent a quad because they are super-manageable and are parked anywhere. We leave below a car rental comparator for you to see the best offer on the island.

Taxis in Santorini

If you don't like the idea of ​​renting a vehicle, you can always take a taxi. There are quite a few taxis and the taxi drivers speak English. The The main taxi stop is located just below the plaza de Fira, next to the old bus depot. The minimum fare is 2 € and then it is calculated based on the destination. The time of day, the amount of luggage and the fact that they have come to look for you, are conditions that are going to be taken into consideration by the final figure.

Prices for car, motorbike and quad rental in Santorini

To give you an idea of ​​the costs, the rate from Fira al airport It will be about € 20 and a trip from Fira a Oia It will cost between € 18 and € 20 during the day. The more advisable is always to establish the rate before going up to a taxi, since they live on tourism, and each taxi driver ends up charging what he wants.