If you have decided take a cruise and at some point during the trip disembark in Santorini to see the island, I'm sure that more than one doubt arises how do you get to the city of Fira once they leave you at the port. Here you have a summary of the options that you can use, since there are several.

Lo first and most important is that you know in what port your cruise will leave you. The most of the cruise ships leave their passengers in the port of Fira, a small fishing port easily recognizable given that it has a size of about 150 meters and a couple of bars where you can have a drink, as well as a business dedicated to water activities (excursion to the volcano, diving, Etc ...)

From this small port there three ways to reach the city of Fira:

  1. En cableway, the easiest, for 6 euros (price updated to date of May of 2017) leaves you in the same city.
  2. Walking, "Only" you have to climb the 580 steps that separate the port from the city, so this we leave for the most suffering.
  3. En XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter, you can climb the 580 steps that separate the city from the port in these animals, making the ascent of the most entertaining.

Our advice: get on the cable car and walk or donkey down, the view during the descent is spectacular.

Si your cruise leaves you at the main port of Santorini (Athinios), you have the option of catch the local bus. Of green color, and for 2 euros, it leaves you in the bus station of Fira (It is a small square, do not expect much). This port is easily recognizable given that it is quite large and with a lot of shops and car rental businesses. Most of the large ferries that make the routes between the Greek islands dock here