The Red Beach of Santorini: spectacular reddish colors




The red beach is located located near the old village of Akrotiri and it is one of the most famous and beautiful of the beaches of Santorini. Because It is rather small, the red beach is usually filled quite quickly.

Given its fame, many people come at rush hour just to admire it and never end up stepping on its black sand. The reason it attracts so many people is because of the red and black volcanic rock slabs What's right behind her.

The sand itself is reddish and black in color and always very, very hot, so the beach is lined with loungers and umbrellas. It is in front of a sea of ​​crystal clear waters, ideal for diving due to the presence of these unique and special rocks.

How can you get to the red beach?

For, get to the beach, you have to go through a path from the parking lot not very suitable for strollers or disabled people. The sand itself is reddish and black in color and is a bit painful to sit directly on, due to the pebbles in the sand. Luckily, there are a lot of sun loungers and umbrellas. It is a very good area for snorkeling, due to the clarity of the waters of this island.

To access the beach, you have to go to the car park that precedes it and walk for about 10 minutes. too can be reached by sea with caiques (small fishing boats that are used during the summer for transportation) that depart from the ports of Akrotiri y Fira. There Playa Blanca It is also in the area, and the same caique can take you to it.

History and pleasure are therefore based around the Red Beach, one of the many must see places here in Santorini, the most picturesque of the Greek islands, with its characteristic white villages that look out into the void from the top of the cliffs. A sweet vinsanto, coming from those vines that are twisted together at ground level, should always serve us to toast the show. He spectacle of seeing, of looking, of contemplating everything that contains and envelops this island.

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