The Ruins of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini






The history of a place usually has a double vision: on the one hand, it is the history of the people who lived there and their achievements; on the other hand, it is the history of the place itself.

Santorini has a very rich history on both sides. It is the cradle where a civilization was born, a civilization so advanced that it leaves us perplexed, even after 3700 years. But it is also a constant evolution of the earth, which has been born, has died and has come back to life several times.

It is not by chance that This land has been related to various myths and legends and that, for some scholars, has been associated with the lost Atlantis.

What will we find in the ruins of Akrotiri?

Like Pompeii, Akrotiri has been perfectly preserved under the volcanic rubble. But Akrotiri has been forgotten, while Pompeii was a prosperous Roman city. Akrotiri was a close ally of the Minoan culture on Crete, which flourished around 3.500 years ago.

The remains are impressive: two and three storey houses, pleasantly decorated with mural paintings, witnesses to a prosperity that has only recently returned to Santorini. Furthermore, the city was built by the sea, showing that the people enjoyed a security that later generations have lacked for thousands of years. The high level of development reached by these people more than three millennia ago is truly impressive.

The city is being rebuilt from the cataclysm that happened in the 17th century BC, but the discoveries show that the site was occupied from the Middle Neolithic period (mid-fifth millennium BC). Only the 3% of the site has been excavated so far. Many of the site's glorious remains can be visited in the Museum of Prehistory Thira in Fira (8.30 to 14.30, closed on Mondays).

The tickets cost 5 euros and you can take pictures without flash throughout the entire excavation. If you want to shoot with flash or video, you have to request a permit. For get to the ruins, you have to do it from the village of Akrotiri or the Red Beach.

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