The last freerunning event, Red Bull Art of Motion, returns to Santorini on October 1 of 2016, for the 6th consecutive year. The online qualification round, via video presentations, opened on May 16 and ended on July 6.

There are two ways you could participate in this year's main competition: the first one is through a video application through the online ranking round (You have much more information below). The second is through the sorting on site.

The online qualifying round began on May 16 and ended on July 6. All you had to do was present the best freerunning video and fill in the details of the classic application form. The video had to be a maximum of 90 seconds long. Through the online qualifying round, 7 freerunners from around the world (4 men and 3 women) they won their place in the Red Bull Art Motion to be held on October 1, 2016 in Santorini.

Guidelines to follow to present the video

Duration: The video must last longer than 90 seconds will be (if the video is longer, only the first 90 seconds will be taken into account).

El focus it must be centered in the corridor.

Solo a person (the corridor) must be visible.

La The participant's face has to be visible in all the video (at least once in each scene).

El video (all scenes) has to be filmed outdoors, not in a gym or any other "controlled" environment.

Show landings, which They must be visible.

Criteria that will be judged to the applicants of the online classification round

Creativity: use the body and the environment in the most creative way possible!

Difficulty: movements that stand out.

Flow- Combine moves and try out new lines instead of just showing tricks individually.

Execution: show the judges that the participant has absolute control of their movements.

Overall performance: this is your chance to win your place among the greatest freerunners in the world!

More information on the official website of the event: