According to the list of the best European destinations in terms of wine regions, the Santorini island in Greece it is perhaps the most special wine region of all Greece.

On the one hand we must bear in mind that the island has the oldest vineyards in Europe, on the other, the existence of the minerals absorbed from the lava soil that makes the island of Santorini so special. This is where the extraordinary is created wine white Assyrtiko and the great wine for dessert deniminado Vinsanto.

Santorini wines have been awarded multiple times and they can be enjoyed with different characteristics in terms of taste, smell and color. Haven't you tried them yet? You can buy them in any of the stores on the island!

El rest of wine destinations from the list (the other 9) are: Bordeaux, Champagne and Rhône Valley in France, Tuscany and Piedmont in Italy, Alentejo and the Douro Valley in Portugal, Spain and Catalonia and Istria in Croatia.