The village of Karterados in Santorini

Karterados is a picturesque village of Santorini and located about 2 km. far from the city of Fira. The town is distinguished by its innovative architecture, which leaves tourists spellbound.

In addition to its architectural heritage, there are many vineyards throughout the town, which add an element of the ethereal beauty of Karterados. Karterados has all kinds of recreational facilities for tourists like ultra modern sports services, ethnic taverns with delicious local delicacies, cozy cafes and lively and vibrant bars.

Location of the town of Karterados

What can I find in Karterados?

A visit to the Karterados neighborhood bakery is mandatory if you want to savor delicious cookies. Karterados also It is known for its elegant churches (Analipsis, Theotokou Eisodiatis and Aghios Nikolaos) that stand out for their brilliant architecture. The beach is an added attraction and is tranquility personified.

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On a visit to Karterados, we can find rock houses that have been literally dug within a stream. In the XNUMXth century, Karterados became a rich and prosperous town, and many rich ship owners they built their mansions here.

As you walk through the town there is a path that takes you to the quiet rocky beach Exo Gialos and needless to say, it is their great relaxation area.