The small town of Mesaria

Mesaria is a small traditional town located four kilometers southeast of Fira, the capital of Santorini. The houses are built in the traditional style of the Cyclades islands. It is one of the few towns on the island where the people of agriculture live, especially for the production of wine.

The roads are usually very crowded in this town since the main street passes through the middle of the town and is a compulsory way to move through much of the island. The best things in the village are above, where you can find a Super collection of churches in a very small area. In this area there are also some great style mansions with interesting architecture.

Village location of Mesaria

What you can see in Mesaria

La Argyros mansion It is an elegant neoclassical house, located in Mesaria, a town famous for its architecture. This mansion was built in 1888 by Georgios Argyros, a landowner and wine merchant. Today, it has been renovated and functions as a museum. It houses wall paintings, traditional furniture and other artistic objects.