Pyrgos, ancient capital of Santorini

Pyrgos was the capital of Santorini to 1800, it was built on the top of a hill and It is made up of traditional houses that are situated around the Venetian castle existing, while its small streets follow the shape of the hill.

As you ascend the square to the castle of Pyrgos, the stone houses become denser and the streets are more like a labyrinth made to torture tourists since they do not know which way to go.

Pyrgos has around 33 churches, but the most famous is the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. Although Pyrgos is a charming place and one of the most beautiful places on the island, it has only been recently when it has gained a place on the tourist map, being known for the splendid Holy Week which was started a few years ago by his deputy mayor.

Location of Pyrgos

What you can see in Pyrgos

La Church of the Holy Trinity It has been built according to the traditional style. Located in the village of Pyrgos, it houses a small museum with Byzantine icons and ecclesiastical clothing.

El Monastery of the Prophet ElíaIt is located on the highest peak of Santorini, at an altitude of 565m. It is an excellent destination for hiking and has a magnificent view of the island. It also houses a small ecclesiastical museum.

Pyrgos, Profit Elias Monastery in Santorini
Pyrgos, climb to the Profit Elias Monastery in Santorini

The Kasteli castle, located in the center of Pyrgos, it was built in medieval times. Some of the walls of this castle have survived to this day.

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Things to do in Pyrgos

Holy wines It offers an interesting tour in the process of winemaking in Santorini. From the balcony, visitors can get a magnificent view of the Caldera. Often, ceremonies are organized on this balcony. In Santo wines, visitors can taste and buy the traditional products of the island, such as wine, favorite, cherry tomatoes and capers.